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    S7 rocket models - Controller and Programmer to sequential firing detonators

In year 2012 I have developed and implemented to production the microprocessor controller for sequential rocket’s engines ignition (maximum 7 engines) used in S7 scale rocket models. Controller is used by competitors from Polish Team – inter alia during European Championships for Space Models in Romania. It has been tested for 1,5 year and dozens of S7 flight has been proceeded using this controller, so it gained esteem among Polish modelers. Now, I am offering that controller for competitors from all around the world.

    Rocket Engines Test Bench (Dyno) ADH-01

Dyno is an autonomic device made for measuring parameters of rocket engines for models. It is equipped with touch screen (3,2”), on which engines parameters and graphs from its work are presented. Dyno has its own memory, which gives ability to save 256 measurements (about 3000 seconds). It is possible to change strain gauge beams (for measurements) with different ranges of work – from 3N up to 20.000N Dyno is handled by touch screen. On touch screen are graphic buttons and windows with measured values. Dyno is recording engines work in time, delay and power of priming and then performs calculations. Calculations and measured values are automatically saved into memory. Memory is keeping that data after turning off power device.

    Altimeter ALT-BMP

We offer smaller, improved version of previous altimeter. ALT-BMP contain bigger memory and upgraded software which prevents from accidental measurement start due to wind or other changes in pressure.

According to FAI recommendations, altitude measurements in S1 and S5 categories has to be done by electronic altimeter devices. Due to this recommendations ALT-USB and now ALT-BMP has been developed.

    Altimeter ALT-USB  and  ALT_LED

In accordance with the FAI recommendations, the measurement of altitude in the categories S1 and S5 is to be measured electronically with the use of altimeters. We offer altimeter ALT-USB and ALT-LED. Altimeter’s size and weight (1.4 g) allow for its inclusion in all types of space models. Altimeter ALT-USB in addition to measuring the maximum height, stores measurement results from the entire flight. Results can be read by a computer, and illustrated in graphical form. The results of the flights can be compared with each other. Altimeter may also prove useful when setting F1B model category (eg, choice of propeller).

    Battery Charger AP-5

We offer a modern, microprocessor charger AP-5. It supports the most popular batteries used in modeling (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, SLA / DB, Lithium). With the converter, you can recharge battery packs at a voltage of 35V (irrespective of the value of the voltage supplying the charger). It uses a pulse charging algorithm, which increases batteries’ life and allows you to charge them more than the nominal battery capacity. Current charge / discharge: 5A. Charge power: 100W. Discharge power: 30W. Modes of operation: charging, discharging, charging-discharging, regeneration, formation. The charger is protected against all possible states of emergency (reverse connection, overload, overheating, etc.)

    Model Locator - battery tester

The device is used for measuring and monitoring the battery voltage supplying the model and for the location of the model (e.g. after landing in tall grass). After powering-up the model, the instrument automatically detects the amount cells (4 or 5). State of charge is indicated by the amount of audible signals (1 .5). Battery voltage is constantly monitored. If it falls below 1.1 V / objectives, a sound and light signals shall be switched on. After landing, you can enable the location of the model function (using the transmitter) - signals of high intensity sound.

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