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                                                         Reader  ICP-x     (for CNC machine tools)

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The ADREL devices for sending, receiving and correcting programs for CNC machining systems eliimnates traditional media (paper tapes) as well as obsolete mechanical readers. They introduce the uniform system for sending and receiving programs for CNC machining devices. They also provide opportunity for correcting or writing the program directly on the keyboard of the electronic “reader”, which allows to significantly reduce the time of deploying new programs and increases the convenience of using the CNC machine as well as productivity. The elements of the system contain no mechanical eleements, they are realiable, do not use up and do not require maintenance. They are based on the new microelectronic technologies.

The readers have displays of different sizes. The ICP-x reader is equipped with LCD reader allowing to display text in two lines, 40 chars per line. The ICP-x reader is manufactured in three versions: ICP-32, ICP-64, ICP-128 ( where the number is the size of the internal memory of the reader, specified in kB).

Both reader types are equipped with built-in keyboard that has full character set available (53 keys - 69 characters) and the function keys necessary for controlling the reader. In order to match the control system of the CNC machine it is equipped with special programmable interface (a matching subsystem). It provides complete interoperability of the readers between the CNC machines (every reader is identical). Attaching the reader does not require making any changes in the control system. The reader was installed and tested for 95 different systems located in about 400 facilities.

Reader features:

  • Sending the programs to the CNC machine equipped with parallel port or tape reader

  • Loading the programs from the tape reader or the control system (if the system has perforating device output).

  • Sending and receiving programs over duplex RS-232 connection.

  • Reading/writing the programs to the portable buffer memory module MP-x or MPB-x

  • Displaying following information:

    • reader parameters (the type of the active memory, the size of that memory, memory module type)

    • the names of the programs stored in the memory or on the module, with size

    • reader function names

    • help

  • Setting parameters – matching the CNC control system, access password

  • Program operations:

    • finding the program by name

    • choosing the program from the list

    • deleting programs

    • renaming programs

    • moving programs to/from MP-x MPB-x module

    • viewing contents of the program (2 lines, 40 chars)

    • editing the program (display method as described above)

    • entering new program from the reader keyboard


The reader is equipped with the text editor that allows full editing and writing the program right next to the CNC machine. No mechanical elements as well as using in the construction the parts produced by renown companies makes those devices reliable and economic in use.

                                                        Memory module MPB-x, MP-x

This device is based on semiconductor memories, depending on version:

 MPB-32 (32768 bytes),
 MPB-64 (65536 bytes)
MPB-128 (131072 bytes)

 MP-256 (262144 bytes)
 MP-512 (524288 bytes)                    where 1 byte = 1 tape row

The MP-x module is supported only by CT-128 reader, while MPB-x module is supported ICP-x as well as CT-MMC reader. The memory is powered by internal lithium battery. The programs are stored for at least 3 years. The programs stored in the module can be deleted, and new programs can be stored in that place. The number of writes is unlimited. The memory module can be written to and read from any computer equipped with KTK-RS card. The information in the module can be also read and written using CT‑MMC or ICP-x reader.

The module is enclosed in the plastic case with dimensions 69 x 95 x 20 mm. It can tolerate various kinds of dirt and mechanical stress. It does not use up and does not require maintenance.

                                                       KTK-RS Transmission Card

The card is attached to the COM port in the PC computer. It allows to send and receive the CNC programs between the computer and the buffer memory module, MPB-x or MP-x. The software for the card (included) allows to obtain the full view of the computer resources as well as module resources, viewing the program contents, deleting, renaming, etc

   Reader CT-MMC




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