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 Controller and Programmer to sequential firing detonators to S7 rocket models

In year 2012 I have developed and implemented to production the microprocessor controller for sequential rocket’s engines ignition (maximum 7 engines) used in S7 scale rocket models. Controller is used by competitors from Polish Team – inter alia during European Championships for Space Models in Romania. It has been tested for 1,5 year and dozens of S7 flight has been proceeded using this controller, so it gained esteem among Polish modelers. Now, I am offering that controller for competitors from all around the world.


 Rocket Engines Test Bench (Dyno)

Rocket Engines Test Bench (Dyno) Dyno is an autonomic device made for measuring parameters of rocket engines for models. It is equipped with touch screen (3,2”), on which engines parameters and graphs from its work are presented. Dyno has its own memory, which gives ability to save 256 measurements (about 3000 seconds). It is possible to change strain gauge beams (for measurements) with different ranges of work – from 3N up to 20.000N Dyno is handled by touch screen. On touch screen are graphic buttons and windows with measured values. Dyno is recording engines work in time, delay and power of priming and then performs calculations. Calculations and measured values are automatically saved into memory. Memory is keeping that data after turning off power device.


 New Altimetr ALT_BMP

ALT-USB will be used at the 2010-2016 FAI Championships for Space Models

Drivers for Windows 8,  8.1,  10 - running downloads

Rocket Basing on previous experience new, smaller altimeter has been developed. Altimeter contains improved software which prevents measurement start due to wind or other sudden pressure changes. In altimeter has been used new, smaller pressure sensor and bigger memory which allows to save 16100 measurements. On the picture, old and new altimeters together,

Basic range: -500m  to  9000m

Dimension: 7,9 x 19,3 x 4,9 [mm]  (0,31" x 0,76" x 0,2")

Mass: 0,6 grams



Electronic Readers for CNC machine

  Offered by the ADREL company set of devices to transfer and improve programs for numerically controlled machine tools (OSN) eliminates the traditional media (paper tape) and obsolete mechanical tape readers, and perforators. It introduces a uniform system for the transmission of programs for OSN. At the same time it gives the opportunity to correct or write the program directly using the keypad of an electronic 'reader', which considerably shortens the implementation of new programs and increases the comfort and service efficiency. Components do not contain any mechanical parts, are reliable, do not wear, require no maintenance or periodic reviews. They are built based on modern microprocessor electronics technologies.


Electronics for Modellers

  We provide electronic devices for Modellers.

  • Altimeter - provides measurement and analysis of the model flight
  • Battery charger - a unique program for regeneration and the formation of batteries. It will charge NiCd, NiMH, SLA, Li-Pol, Li-Fe (A123).
  • Model finder + battery tester. Using audible signals allows for the location of a lost model. At the same time it measures and indicates battery status.


Industrial Controllers

  We design and manufacture of industrial controllers mounted on DIN rail or for installation on the front panel. Number, parameters and relationships between input and output lines are tailored to customer needs. Programming and supervision of the controller can be done via USB or Ethernet. The controller can be equipped with a front plate designed according to the customer. On the front panel we can be place a display (alphanumeric, graphical, touch), control buttons, signal lights.


  LA161 analyzer is a complete device, which does not require a computer. It allows you to record waveforms in the 16-channel measurement at the sampling frequency of 50MHz, or 8 channels at the frequency of 100 MHz. You can manually trigger the measurement, by the signal’s level or slope. Visualization of measurement results is made in the part known as the "Monitor". It contains a LCD screen with resolution of 640 x 200 points, keyboard, and connectors for probe and printer. Test signals are buffered, processed and stored in a separate measurement probe. The probe is connected to the "Monitor" via thin (5 mm) cable with length up to 20 m (standard 3 m). This allows for measurements in inaccessible places (control cabinets, interior machines), which is not possible for the analyzers connected to PCs.


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