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                                                 Rocket Engines Test Bench (DYNO) ADH-01

Instruction and   program

Dyno is an autonomic device made for measuring parameters of rocket engines for models. It is equipped with touch screen (3,2”), on which engines parameters and graphs from its work are presented. Dyno has its own memory, which gives ability to save 256 measurements (about 3000 seconds). It is possible to change strain gauge beams (for measurements) with different ranges of work – from 3N up to 20.000N

Dyno is handled by touch screen. On touch screen are graphic buttons and windows with measured values. Dyno is recording engines work in time, delay and power of priming and then performs calculations. Calculations and measured values are automatically saved into memory. Memory is keeping that data after turning off power device. Calculated and presented are following paramteres:

  •    Thrust in time [Ns]
  • Time of engines work

  • Mass of full enginie

  • Mass of empty engine (before priming blow)

  • Maximal thrust

  • Work thrust (at 1/4 time of engines work)

  • Work thrust (at 4/5 time of engines work)

  • Priming delay

  • Priming thrust

  • Temperature

  • Graph of engines work


Every measurement can be exactly described in three independent windows (3 lines times 20 chars). It makes later searching of measurement easier. Additionally temperature in which measurement was done is recorded. Engines can be tested in two positions: vertical or horizontal. In case of vertical position of engine its mass is automatically checked before start and right after end of work. Mass of engine and used fuel is taken into account in calculations. Dyno has ability to record engines priming blow. Recorded are time and thrust of priming.

Content of memory can be read on Dynos screen, also function of searching of engine by any description is available. Chosen measurement can be shown in form of graph or windows with parameters values.

Dyno can be connected to the computer by typical internet connector. Software on computer gives ability to:

  • Showing content of memory in form of list (description and measurements values)

  • Showing chosen measurement in form of graph and its values

  • Comparison of two measurements

  • Zooming and moving of graph. In that case only parameters enclosed by graph area are shown (time, thrust in time [Ns], maximal thrust)

  • Saving and opening measurements into and from computers disc

  • Printer setup and printing graphs (with values in windows) 

  • Saving graph as an image (jpeg) 

  • Dyno software upgrade

  Dyno ADH-01  parameters

 graphic,color, touchable, 400x240 pixels, 3,2”(69x42mm)
  8Mb - 256 measurements, ok. 3000 seconds
 Recorded resolution
 20 bites, depended of used strain gauge beam:
 Range up to 10N   - resolution 0,00003N
 Range up to 60N   - resolution 0,00016N
 Range up to 200N - resolution 0,0053N
 Range up to 1000N-resolution 0,0026N
 Useful resolution (noises reduction)
 Range up to 10N   - resolution 0,005N
 Range up to 60N   - resolution 0,02N
 Range up to 200N - resolution 0,05N
 Range up to 1000N-resolution 0,15N
 Recording frequency:
 470, 235, 117, 58 measurements/sek
 Power device:
 6V - 12V,  6V - 200mA, 12V - 90mA
 mini DIN 6 pin - strain gauge beam
 female 5,5 x 2,1mm - Power device
 RJ45 - computer connecting (Ethernet)
 104 x 70 x 28 mm
 Weight  180 gr.
 Work mode:
 - Engines position: horizontal or vertical
     (automatic reduction of mass of engine and used fuel)
 - Setting level of measurement start
      (automatic start and end of measurement)
 - Setting gravity (G) constant
 - Taring
 - Calibration
 - Temperature
 - Languages
 - Fraquency of measurement
 - Setting measuring time of priming delay

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