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Devices for CNC machine tools

Electronics for Modeler

Industrial    controlers

Measuring               devices


computer card KTK-RS  program version 15.05.2003

ALT-USB   program  version 2010.08 for netbook (800 x 600)

ALT-BMP   program  version 2013.09 (produced to 09.2013)

ALT-BMP   program  version 2013.12 (produced after 10.2013)

ALT-USB   program  version 2013.12 (variable screen resolution)

ALT-BMP   program  version 2016.4 (produced after 10.2013 and 03.2016)

Program to authorize drivers for Windows Vista (dseo13b.exe)

Program ALT-BMP  version 2017.04, drivers and instruction for all Windows  
(compatible with EDIC-FAI, the newest version)

ALT-USB, ALT-BMP  driver and instruction for Windows 8,  8.1,  10    (new 2017-07)

Engine Test Bench ADH-01 - program

             Electronics Readers for CNC

System overview

CT-MMC   instruction

             Electronics for Modeler

S7 rocket models - Controller and Programmer 

Engine Test Bench  Manual ADH-01 

ALT-BMP instruction (new altimeter)

ALT-USB instruction

ALT-LED instruction

Assembly instruction altimeter ALT-USB and ALT-LED in the rocket (class S1 and S5)

How to properly set up and use the altimeter ALT-USB

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