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                                                                             Battery charger AP-5
     WARNING! Increased capacity battery charger for charging A123 (Lipha). For existing users we offer to modify the charger

Charger AP-5 is a modern charger completely controlled by a microprocessor. It supports most popular cells used in the model-making. To display information for the user an alphanumeric LCD display of 2 lines of 16 characters per line is used. Setting modes and parameters is very intuitive and requires virtually no instruction. The charger is protected against all possible states of emergency (reverse connection, overload, overheating, etc.), so even untrained users can use it without fear of destruction

The electronic circuit of the charger is based on pulse inverter with the possibility of raising the voltage. Thanks to this, energy efficiency is very high. With the ability to increase voltage, you can recharge batteries, whose voltage significantly exceeds the supply voltage of the charger. Charger was equipped with a special mode of pulse charging which increases battery life and allows them to be charged more than the nominal battery capacity

  AP-5  basic parameters

Type of charged batteries

Ni-Cd 1 - 20 cel
Ni-Mh 1 - 20 cel
SLA/PB 1 - 14 cel
Li_Pol 1 - 8 cel
A123 (LiPh) 1-9 cel

Types of operation

discharging - charging

Charging mode

Normal charging mode (constant current)
Pulse with boost charging

Current of charging / discharging

5A (set every 0,1A)

Output voltage (charging)

max 35V ((voltage calibration possible

Supply voltage

8V - 18V

Algorithms for charging Ni-Cd / Ni-MH

dV/dt i -dV ( 5 levels)

Algorithms for discharging Ni-Cd / Ni-MH

normal and complete normalne i pełne

Number of cycles of forming / regeneration

1 do 8

Protection against reverse connection of power supply / battery


Overload protection

Automatic power reduction

User interface

3-keys, LCD display with 2 x 16 characters

Memory settings

10 (type of process with settings)

Memory of process

7 (capacity charge / discharge)

Max charging output power


Max discharging output power


                                                                             Battery charger AP-5

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