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S7 rocket models -  Controller and Programmer


Controller and Programmer to sequential firing detonators in S7 rocket models

In year 2012 I have developed and implemented to production the microprocessor controller for sequential rocket’s engines ignition (maximum 7 engines) used in S7 scale rocket models. Controller is used by competitors from Polish Team – inter alia during European Championships for Space Models in Romania. It has been tested for 1,5 year and dozens of S7 flight has been proceeded using this controller, so it gained esteem among Polish modelers. Now, I am offering that controller for competitors from all around the world.

The controllers is fully programmable. Setting sequences of ignition time of individual igniters, duration of ignition (impulse), checking of correctness of igniter’s connection and igniter itself is possible. Controller consist of double “armament” which secure system from accidental ignition. During the sequence of engines ignition, ignition control and blocking further ignitions is possible in case of misfired igniter. Controller has “short circuit” blockade as well as LED diodes which signalize controller’s state and battery state. Also charger for Li-Pol battery is already built in. For setting parameters, programmer with color display and rotary-push knob is used. Transparent menu and simultaneous display of state of all igniters (times, igniters control, firing control etc.) gives easy possibility of programming of starting sequence for S7 rockets. Programmer connects to controller via 3-wire cable. Has of Polish and English menu.


  •    Number of detonators:   7
  • Detonator maximal current: for 3,8V - 1,7A

  • Setting detonator's times  (0.1 second steps)

  • Detonators control

  • Accumulator charger

  • AC voltage: 2,5V - 5,5V, current consumtion: 3,7mA - 7,8mA

  • Current of charger 200mA

  • LED diode indicators

  • double "armament"

   includes: controller, 2 x connector (22 pin, 6 pin), 2 x LED, wires (1m)
                  (batteries not included)


  • Graphic and color display

  • Rotary-push knob

  • connects via 3-wire cable

  • Display battery status

  • Detonator's test

  • English and Polish menu

  • Power:  9V battery (50 hours of constant work)

  • Energy saver mode

includes:  programmer, cable with jack plug for transmission
               (batery not included)

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