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New Altimeter ALT-BMP is improved, smaller version of ALT-USB altimeter.

Electronic ALT-USB was used on XVIII World Championships in Space Modelling in Serbia 2010, European Championships in Romania and World Championships in Slovakia. In 2013 developed a new, improved version of the altimeter ALT-BMP. Altimeter was used on European and World Championships  in Bulgaria, Slovaki, Romania and Ukraine

The ADREL company is certified by National Air Sport Control - Polish Aeroclub, allowing ALT-USB altimeter to measure the altitude of national and international competitions

Altimeter ALT-BMP is a new version of its predecessor ALT-USB. Dimensions and weight has been decreased. It has bigger memory, which allows to save 8050 measurements. Improved software eliminates possibility of accidental measurement start due to wind or sudden pressure change (e.g. during setting head of rocket). Buying ALT-BMP altimeter it is necessary to buy also Adapter-Charger BMP. On the picture below is shown previous ALT-USB altimeter together with new ALT_BMP

In accordance with the FAI recommendations, the measurement of altitude in the categories S1 and S5 is to be measured electronically with the use of altimeters. According to these guidelines altimeter has been developed, which in addition to measuring the maximum altitude, stores measurement results for the entire flight. Its parameters were adjusted to the recommendations of the FAI. Altimeter’s size and weight (0,6 g) allow for its inclusion in all types of space models. Altimeter may also prove useful when setting F1B model category (eg, choice of propeller).

Model altimeter ALT-BMP is used for measuring the altitude of the model and for the analysis of the flight. Altimeter records 32 measurements before takeoff, the flight measurements and 32 measurements after landing. Detection of the model take-off is carried out automatically (you can adjust the altitude, at which  take-off is detected). Landing is also detected automatically. Measurements are stored in non-volatile memory,  they are remembered after you disconnect the power supply. Frequency of measurement is set in the range of 20 measurements per second to 1 measurement every 2 seconds.

The readout of the ALT-USB altimeter’s measurements and parameters  is possible when cable is connected to the USB connector on your computer. There is a need for additional adapter (in the pricelist Adapter - Charger). The chart shows the entire flight of a rocket. The graph can be zoomed. Measurements of the flight can be saved on your computer and then played back. Graph of the current operation may be imposed on the chart with a previously recorded flights. This allows you to compare flights with different settings. In addition, the current temperature is displayed. For the purposes of competitions altimeter is able to store the starting numbers of competitors. In addition, each altimeter has a recorded permanent unique serial number. For archiving the results of competitions, the measurements can be saved to disk and retrieved any time. Altimeter’s software allows you to automatically send data to excel sheet. The number of competitors, altimeter’s serial number, the maximum altitude are sent. Thanks to this registration of results is a simplified to the maximum.

Adapter - Charger used to connect the altimeter to a computer using a standard USB cable with the tip of a type B. Using the program one can read and archive the results of the program (as described above). Adapter has a built-in complete control system of battery recharge (single-cell Li-Pol). System charges the battery with a current of about 50 mA (using the resistor you can change the current up to 400mA). The charger signals the end of charging via a LED. As a power source, you can use your computer (USB) or any charger for mobile phones that has an USB connector.

Recommended battery: Li-Pol 50mAh, weight 2 grams (with wires), Li-Po 20mAh, weight 1gram

Multi-charger is used for charging 1 to 20 batteries. Multi-charger can be used during the championship. At the same time can be charged the twenty batteries. Each battery has a separate charging controller. Each battery is charged current 50mA. Charger is powered voltage 5V/1,2 A. Can be used to supply power from an old computer.

Detailed instruction altimeter and method of assembly is located in the section "download".

  ALT-BMP basic parameters

 Method of Measurement

Measurement of pressure changes

 Measuring Range

-500 ...9000 m



 Accuracy of measuring the difference of altitude

0,5 %

 Supply Voltage

3,6V  to 6V

 Frequency of measurement

1, 2 seconds / measurement
5, 10, 15, 20 measurements / second

 Detection of take-off

set in the range of 2m - 100m


7,9 x 19,3 x 4,9 mm   (with connector)


0,6 grams

 Current consuption

6 mA

 Battery life

for LiPo 50mAh - 8 hours
for LiPo 20mAh - 3 hours

 Memory size

8050 measurements

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